How to Improve the Value of Your Home When Roofing Newburgh NY

With the prices of homes always on the rise, and the fluctuation of availability of homes for sale always changing, the question to ask is, how to make your home stand out and increase in value organically? There are so many variables to consider when appraising a home, and something that most homeowners don’t realize is one of the first things appraisers look at is a home’s roof. The curb appeal of your home is visually taken by close to 40% just from your roof, so the material used or the age of your roof play a huge factor in evaluation. Nowadays, the highest value homes, apart from size, are smart homes. All these factors play from top to bottom. These different factors will explain what you should look for when purchasing or selling a home, because either avenue can financially benefit you when you find these possible upgrades.

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The age of the roof and the last time it was repaired are factors to consider when deciding the value of a home. If you’re looking to buy and resell a home after making improvements, the secret ingredient is finding a home with an old roof. Purchasing a home with a problematic roof, and then giving it a brand new roof, studies show that return on a new roof investment is about 60%. This stat means that 60% of people see an increase in value upon sale after roofing Newburgh NY home and earn extra money. If you’re looking to sell, then this works in your favor as well. You will devalue your home if you do not sell it with a roof in peak condition.


If age is not a factor, then maybe the materials used are a factor. A majority of homes still use shingles as the materials for their home, shingles are still a popular choice, but they are not energy efficient or recyclable. Shingles also require more maintenance than some of the other roofing materials. A material that has become very popular for residential roofing Newburgh NY homes are metal roofing materials. Metal is energy efficient as it reflects light vs absorbing it, saving the homeowners on their monthly utility bills. Recyclable and green friendly benefits of metal also helps it stand out vs other roofing materials. Metal is growing in popularity as it used to be a material mainly considered for commercial roofing. Contact a professional roofing Newburgh NY contractor to see if a different roofing material will be the right fit for your home.

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All seasons can be your roofer with roofing Newburgh NY homes. The real estate market is very difficult to navigate and make a profit in. Leaving your home in a situation where it does not increase in value is not the best decision to leave to chance. All seasons are professional, and will evaluate the best options for you to make your home the most valuable it can be.