All Seasons Roofing & Siding Knows Roofing Better than Anyone

Roof Replacement and Repair

All Seasons Roofing & Siding Knows Roofing Better than Anyone

An impermeable roof is essential to maintain your home and its contents while ensuring maximum comfort, energy efficiency, and peace of mind. When your roof shows signs of damage from severe storms or the ravages of time, a new roof might be in the cards.
Are there cracks, leaks, algae growth, or loose shingles on your roof? If so, it’s time to call All Seasons Roofing & Siding for a professional inspection. We’ll provide an honest assessment of your roof conditions and never sell you services or products you don’t need. All Seasons Roofing & Siding understands that your trust in us means everything and that your opinion drives our business forward when we complete a job that deserves a high rating.
Whether it’s shingle, asphalt, metal, or composite roofing, All Seasons Roofing & Siding is ready to serve you today

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What’s the Right Roofing Material for Your House?

All Seasons Roofing & Siding knows what materials to recommend for your particular property.

We install Velux brand skylights and repair all types of skylights. Plus,  All Seasons will make sure your chimney is well sealed where it penetrates your roof, using aluminum or copper aluminum chimney wraps. We also change all new pipeboot flashings.

All Seasons installs ridge vents for all new roof installations, providing better ventilation. And property owners can rest assured that our 8-foot ice water shield will guard against ice dams!

We’re licensed and certified, plus we adhere to proven installation processes. With All Seasons Roofing & Siding, you’ll get a beautiful, state-of-the-art new or restored roof!

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

The most popular type of roofing material in the Mid Hudson Valley area is the asphalt shingle. It’s durable, affordable, and the least expensive to install and repair. All Seasons Roofing & Siding gives you a wide range of choices in shingle colors and styles to create a roof that complements your home. Asphalt shingles can stand up well to snow, hail, and wind. They’re coated with mineral granules to help shed water from the roof evenly and protect the shingle from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Expect a new roof to 15 years or longer when properly installed by All Seasons Roofing & Siding.

Composite Roofing

This fantastic roofing material can be exquisitely reproduced with tough, long-lasting composite material composed of fiberglass, asphalt, recycled plastic, and other sustainable elements. Composite roofing can be more affordable other high-end roofing types… In fact, it can be molded to resemble almost any desired texture. Composite roofing comes in many color choices, so you’re certain to find a hue that complements your fine home perfectly.

Timberline Shingles

These shingles are a fantastic addition to your with their rare elegant homeowners. This elevates your home to another level from its style and performance. The high-definition colors plus Dura Grip Adhesive ensure this material will withstand the test of time or harsh weather. It’s eco-friendly and also easy to install, which few materials can proudly say. Give us a call, pick from the diverse options of Timberline looks and fill in that final missing piece of your home today!


EPDM flat Roofing

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a highly flexible single-ply membrane that has been trusted in commercial roofing for decades. There’s no need to know how to pronounce its full name because the material pronounces itself as it shields your property against the elements for decades to come. The high resistance to strong winds, UV radiation, thermal shock and extreme temperatures makes durable material the perfect way to keep your roof protected in every way that matters. Contact our team to learn more on why EPDM will be best for your commercial roof.

Metal Roofing

All Seasons is a specialist in standing seam metal roofs. Metal roofs require special repair and installation solutions. Most metal roofs come in two different varieties – architectural metal roofs that you can find on residential buildings, and structural metal roofs commonly used on commercial buildings. All Seasons Roofing and Siding is careful to avoid flaws in the installation process, and during our inspection, we’ll detect mistakes made by a prior contractor.
The Advantages of Roof Replacements & Roof Repair on Your NY Property
Why you should consider getting one today

Extends Your Roof's Lifespan

New York roofs can last longer than most things on Earth, but they don’t last forever. Some factors typically shorten it, such as bad weather and neglected maintenance, among many other things! Roof repairs/replacements add a significant amount of time to your property’s well-being. These are also the types of things potential buyers look at when considering your place. If your roof is on its last legs, possible buyers will be walking away on their legs.

Avoids More Damage

Life happens and sometimes it happens in a not-so-great way to your New York roof. Maybe your roof isn’t functioning as well as it should be due to wear. Maybe water is pooling or pieces of your roof like the shingles are missing. No matter the reason, a roof repair/replacement will prevent further damage. This also saves your wallet a fortune by having to pay for extensive restoration due to bad deterioration to your home/business structure.

Sell Your Property For More Money

When you replace your roof, you can demand significantly more for your property. Roof replacements place any potential buyers at ease as they know they won’t have to handle any roof-related expenses for quite some time. This is very beneficial for those who have insurance companies pay for most if not all of the costs. You’re future has pure profit on the way.

Increased Energy Efficiency

A quality roof dictates the quality of life for anything under it. Bills skyrocket when a roof is not working optimally. Property owners usually don’t notice it as they assume the utility company is ripping them off. A lot of time, the culprit to the bill increases can be found in a structure’s component being won. When you repair/ replace your roof today, you gain more disposable income tomorrow.

Sell Your Property For More Money

Several factors can decrease your property’s value in the market. A lot of people walk away with a much lesser amount of money than they should have got. When replacing or repairing your roof, you significantly increase your property’s value as potential buyers know they don’t have to deal with issues anytime soon. Sell your property faster, sell it for more with a roof repair or replacement today!


All Seasons Roofing & Siding knows roofing like no other contractor in the Hudson Valley region Rely on our 15 years of experience in roofing and count on our high quality, reliable workmanship. Let us work for you!

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